UGA en La Habana Study Abroad


There is no other country like Cuba in the imagination of the US citizen. So close, yet so distant and unknown. UGA en La Habana offers the opportunity to bridge the gap between two nations whose history and politics keep them together and apart. Students in the program will have the opportunity to study Spanish and culture courses from a privileged location: Havana, Cuba. A city with multiple layers of visible history, from its buildings to its inhabitants.

Through the study of Cuban history and culture, students will gain insight into topics ranging from Colonial or post-Colonial issues, the African diaspora, transculturation and race relations, migration, international politics, and globalization studies. The direct contact with the Cuban population will give an invaluable insight of the political, social, and cultural situation of the island, promoting at the same time the understanding of and respect for cultural differences, beyond the political strife.

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May 10th – June 7th 2014

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Dr. Diego del Pozo
Director UGA en La Habana
370H Gilbert Hall
(706) 542-4062

Department of Romance Languages
Franklin College of Arts and Sciences